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Quora Answer : Why has there been an outcry against real names on Google+ but not on Quora?

Aug 5, 2011

a) Quora gives you a way to ask and answer questions anonymously.

b) I'm not sure if Quora has algorithms automatically chucking you out without some kind of process when it thinks you've violated the real name policy.

c) Quora explicitly specialises in sharing a certain type of information : questions and answers which are often fairly impersonal. Whereas G+ aspires to rival Facebook, which is a place where a lot more personal / intimate information is shared.

d) Quora is still perceived as a minority interest site where the community is serious and well meaning. Not many trolls and griefers here. That MIGHT be because the mechanics are good at keeping them out. Or we might just be lucky that they haven't found us yet.

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