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Interesting JonUdell piece on the similarities of programming and writing.

And how InternetCulture / SocialSoftware are making allies of the two skills, and often encouraging the same people to master both.

We haven't always seen the role of the writer and the role of the developer as deeply connected but, as the context for understanding software shifts from computers and networks to people and groups, I think we'll find that they are.

He goes further than "writng", calling for developers to master a range of "communication" skills such as cinematography.

It's undoubtedly true that an audiovisual narrative enters many 21st-century minds more easily, and makes a more lasting impression on those minds, than does a written narrative. But it's also true that the interactive experience of software is fundamentally cinematic in nature. Because an application plays out as a sequence of frames on a timeline, a narrated screencast may be the best possible way to represent it and analyze it.

Compare BrendaLaurel's ComputersAsTheatre?

Presumably DaveWiner's take on PodCasting with "Morning Coffee Notes" is another example.

FineGrained linking and quoting of sound and video :

DanMcWeeny on synthesizers :

Compare :