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Software to let you make nested lists ...

Any advantages over wiki?

Contrast ADocumentIsNotATree

Ideas :

Today think

DaveWiner offers his history. http://davewiner.userland.com/outlinersProgramming

Didn't know his outlining thing was so tied up with online community discussion. Impressive.

Compare with : http://www.atpm.com/10.07/atpo.shtml

Outlines and time : http://geeks.opml.org/stories/storyReader$120

According to it http://www.softpanorama.org/Editors/links.shtml#Folding it is a special case of folding. I must admit I don't understand the difference. – ZbigniewLukasiak

: folding I suppose is what I would call "collapsing" of a block down into a single line? I guess there might be different versions depending on what that line is? A first line of the block? A logical heading? A summarized description which isn't part of the text?

: Aside : I'm using Word as an outliner at the moment and I don't like it much. Particularly because I'm a bit confused. Should I make bullet point lists sub-paras of the block that contains them? It them gives them a sub-sub head style which I don't want.

: Unfortunately SdiDesk (my note-making app. of choice of course) has failed me by not being very good for outlining lecture notes in Portuguese. The good thing is that gives me lots of ideas and incentive to fix. But not before my meeting this afternoon. :-(

: – PhilJones

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