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Seems to be VinayGupta's startup to manage stuff on a BlockChain

(More on WorldOnBlockChain, FourSidedFight)

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Saving the planet

Over the last few decades, the revolution in production efficiency has changed the world. We know a similar revolution in consumption efficiency will follow suit, if we set out on the right path forward now.


StatisticalProcessControl is the steel spine that WilliamEdwardsDeming built on. SPC figured out that people designing production systems have to be smart about what they measure, or the system will just produce what they measure, and they are measuring the wrong thing.

On this foundation, Deming figured out how to get people to understand and most importantly to accept the truths that SPC revealed: how to build a culture of truth inside of an organization so that they could learn from the statistical observations rather than burying them inside a feudal hierarchy rooted in information control and obscurantism to conceal trade secrets from the workers.


If we could figure out how to get more effective cooperation spanning all aspects of the SupplyChain — just as we did for all stations on a production line — what might be possible?

Why do investment, production, consumption, and waste have to be so split up across organizational boundaries without effective information sharing arrangements? Why can’t we share information all the way down the value network associated with an object, rather than just along the supply chain it was manufactured on? When I buy something, why isn’t all the information about the object — right down to the CAD files it was cut from — transfered to me as a standard consumer right?

Example of SystemsThinking

Maybe in the direction of BruceSterling's Spimes in ShapingThings

Also CradleToCradle

Mattereum is definitely a CradleToCradle play

Mattereum is pitching itself as NonFungibleTokens for physical stuff :

(Compare Spimes for things that are half digital half physical.)

Mattereum Gold

It's now offering ownership tokens for gold :

Further explanation :

Mattereum Land

Puts real-estate on its blockchain.

I have a dilemma. I like Mattereum and admire and support VinayGupta's mission with it.

OTOH, I don't believe land should be private property. And think that a radical government ought to delete the land-registry.

So this puts me in a quandary. :-)

Vinay pushes back :

Even if you implement Georgism and land ownership is pooled in this method you still want NFTs and smart contracts to handle the paperwork and the bureaucracy. It's a sheet of paper you can write any rules you like on.

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