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Please move any text I have anywhere. My writing skill leave a bit to be desired.

Welcome to this wiki Mark. Good to have you around. – PhilJones

Thanks Phil. - best, YpsilantiEyeball

Ypsilanti Peace : []

(This looks interestingPhilJones)

:Glad you think so, how should we think about putting it together. Also, can you set up an RssFeed easily?

:haven't figured out RssFeeds yet, though I need to. What you're talking about might be something I've been thinking about under the title TypedThreadedDiscussion. Might be possible to knock together a SpikeSolution of this kind of threaded discussion out of a hacked copy of the UseMod script. That would allow it to retain most of the UseMod conventions, and be tightly integrated with a UseMod wiki) ... still I'm just freestyling here ...

I just learned it a couple of weeks ago, not enough to install it or anything, check out is a link at the bottom for an Rss patch for use mod.

:Another option would be to install the "beta testing" version of UseMod, which has RSS and is currently used to run the Meatball site. The code is pretty stable–the main reason it is still beta is that I haven't documented the new features. Send me mail if you would like the beta version. – CliffordAdams

:Thanks Clifford. I think I'm going to have some time to check out the new UseMod in about a month's time. BTW UseModWiki is very, very cool Amazingly simple and powerful. Thanks. – PhilJones

Hey Phil, if you don't want me rooting around, let me know, also please feel free to remove anything I put in. Best, Mark

Delighted for you to root around Mark. Once I finish the job I'm on, I'm also going to have time to root around in the rest of the wikisphere.

Thanks, you are tending to a beautiful garden! -md

Consider putting up a TourBusStop, from the MeatBall:TourBus project.

Hello Phil, just because I am curious, where is your geographical location, UK? – Best, Mark

May 2004

Hi Mark,

welcome back. You were missed around here. Though I noticed you've been getting into blogging now :-) Hope you're following all the good political dabates here recently (Start on ChangingCulture)


:''Yea, I got sucked into blogging, don't really like it, I do more of what a friend calls Fire Hose blogging. Need to cut back and work on wiki stuff more. Hope you are well, will check out ChangingCulture. thanks, Mark

Phil, small chance I might be in Brazil next month. Best, Mark

: Interesting, where you gonna be? Anywhere near here? – PhilJones

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