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JohnNulls thinks there are three types (or locations or time-scales) of storage in PKM

library collection long term storage and organization
focus consumption
workspace production build on top of / remix them

physically, much work is spent moving items between these centers, including creating buffers and container systems to organize this process

in essence, our “consumption” pipeline is that we find objects to add to our collection, then move them through a queue into our attention to “consume”

as we move to “production”, we use these objects as building blocks, “sources” that we use as foundations to build on top of

if we think of the teacher or the dj, their fundamental content orbit is to search and find suitable material to add to their libraries, and to sample these libraries for syllabuses or sets to use in classes or shows

their productions are a direct result of their abilities to sort through universes of media, and to compile curated collections of content, to be baked into a final form and presented

this process is shared with many other media roles: researchers, analysts, writers, artists..

while i attempted to describe this process as simply as i could, in reality it is not so clean and linear

it is messy, chaotic at times, scattered and non-linear

as we move to digitize these processes, i believe it necessary to build interfaces that allow for non-linearity

using graph dbs is a nice start, and i think almost certainly the correct data structure to build containers of content

but i think we still havent solved the visual and interaction interfaces for libraries, buffers and focused content. Finder/desktop/Word is a local maxima

the goal of these systems should be two-fold:

  • compress large amounts of information using grouping (hierarchical and associative)
  • decompress information at different levels of detail to be visually consumed and processed

essentially, make it easier to zoom out and zoom in



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