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Far right politician and Brazilian president.


Quora Answer : What concerns you most about Jair Bolsonaro?

Oct 1

He openly admires and praises a military dictatorship that used murder and torture to eliminate their political opponents. And who justified that on the grounds that "leftists" ie. political opponents, are monsters who deserve no rights.

Bolsonaro is stupid, small-minded, prejudiced and ineffective. There is no guarantee that as he starts to feel political pressure due to his failures and mismanagement of Brazil, and as opposition to him mounts; that he won't be willing to use the same tricks : culture war, stirring up hatred against his opponents, and state-enabled torture and murder, to try to make opposition to him shut up and go away.

Quora Answer : Are Bolsonaro supporters incel?

Sep 29, 2018

Not all.

But I'm sure all Brazilian incels are Bolsonaro supporters.

He's the only candidate who officially jokes about raping women as though that's an acceptable thing. That's a pretty incel move.