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JairBolsonaro's fully committed membership of the RightWingDeathCult didn't help.

Quora Answer : What country has the most insane Coronavirus strategy?

Jun 9, 2020


Firstly the president called it a minor flu

Then he started a fight with all the state governors who were trying to lock down.

Including state governors who had been his supporters.

Right-wing doctors who had been loyal to him had to break with him when they realized he was medically irresponsible. So now he accuses them of being communists.

Then the president started going walkabout with his fans, deliberately encouraging people to mingle in large crowds without protection. Not even Trump does that.

One health secretary left

Then another one

Now he has a guy from the army with very little medical qualification

The president complains that COVID precautions are destroying the economy. But he has nothing to protect the economy. Congress tried to pay the poorest people money to stay home and not go out to work and infect people. This would have allowed them to stay home, not infect people, and keep the economy ticking over.

The president delayed it, trying to starve people back to work.

Now we have over 36000 deaths. Second only to the US.

Brazil is so bad that even Donald Trump thinks he can look better by pointing out that Brazil is worse than the US.

And we are still climbing the exponential curve. People are predicting 5000 deaths a day by August.

So the government's solution? To stop the health ministry recording cases. They now claim that the previous method of counting the dead was flawed. And that they need to fix it.

So they've reset the clock. Every other agency, local government etc. all know the death toll is over 36000 but the health ministry is now publishing that 500 people have died. Thanks to their new way of counting.

Basically Brazil was country with a pretty good record for handling diseases. It managed to put a lid on HIV in the 90s. It handles Dengue and Zika etc. Bolsonaro has destroyed much of that infrastructure, he's removed expertise from the government in order to put idiots who are ideologically aligned with him in charge. And he will kill 100,000+ people because he is a paranoid lunatic who thinks that anyone who tells the truth about COVID is a communist saboteur trying to discredit his government.

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