An analogy between Erdogan's Turkey and the BorisJohnson takeover of the UK as ramping up Brexit extremism.

I'm pointing out that this is a FarRight playbook now :

Yep. Brazil too. (JairBolsonaro)

There's a playbook : massive social media co-ordination (with a lot of bots) and narrowly targeted advertising (InternetPropaganda, InternetTrolls); extreme nationalism; vicious personal attacks on any opponents (accuse them of immorality and treachery against the "good people"); witch-hunts against all the "bad people" in the country (an enemy within); attempts to amplify the power of whatever branch of the government that supports you; while denigrating, attacking the legitimacy of, and trying to curb the power of any branch of the government that opposes you.

As the old saying goes "once is unfortunate, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action"

This is enemy action.

It's a co-ordinated attack on liberal democracy by a far-right network that has managed to opportunistically co-ordinate a lot of different right and far-right interests, from think-tanks funded by "libertarian" billionaires (who see "freedom" as the opposite of "democracy", to hedge funds, to "state-sponsors of chaos" (looking at you Putin), to YouTuber blowhards to far-right street movements, to traditional RightWingMedia.

SteveBannon as Nexialist?

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