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Context : OnInequality, ProductivityOfKnowledgeWork, AutomatingMechanicalJobs

There are two kinds of technologies :

  • fork-lift trucks equalize the productivities of people (eliminating the differences in strength)
  • microphones exacerbate them, (amplifies the rewards of differences in singing ability as some people become stars)

Wired thinks AI researchers are too focused on replacing humans rather than AugmentedIntelligence

But what about AIPainting? Surely that simultaneously makes some skills and people redundant (the artists) while empowering others (those who make products or use ArtisticAssets)

Worth thinking about for the interaction between technology and inequality though his last point (China etc. being nothing but cheap manufacturing opened up by liberalization) should be contrasted with JohnHagel's view of China and India as hotbeds of new GlobalProcessNetworkManagement innovation)

Counter-thinking :

Maybe Karaoke is a microphone trying to eliminate difference. AutoTune is certainly accused of this.

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