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CoryDoctorow on them : http://www.craphound.com/ebooksneitherenorbooks.txt

On his own practice : http://www.openbusiness.cc/2005/12/06/cory-doctorow-and-creative-distribution/

Unless you own the ebook, you don’t Own the book. I take the view that the book is a “practice” — a collection of social and economic and artistic activities — and not an “object.” Viewing the book as a “practice” instead of an object is a pretty radical notion, and it begs the question: just what the hell is a book? Good question. I write all of my books in a text-editor. From there, I can convert them into a formatted two-column PDF. I can turn them into an HTML file. I can turn them over to my publisher, who can turn them into galleys, advanced review copies, hardcovers and paperbacks. I can turn them over to my readers, who can convert them to a bewildering array of formats*

50 years of them : https://www.gutenberg.org/about/background/50years.html

Sweet spot for OReilly's "Short Cuts" : http://rc3.org/2006/11/snapverdicton.php


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