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Alex Steffen's breakdown of what comes next :

  • Carbon Bubbles : because most fossil fuel industries are way overvalued, and their value will collapse, bringing down a lot of the rest of the economy which is (in)directly invested in them.
  • Brittleness Bubbles : this exposes how brittle the economy and our institutions actually are. "the hotter it gets, the more places and systems become brittle ... Brittle turns into uninsurable, unbankable, uninvestable and politically friendless."
  • Expertise Bubbles : "The long-delayed need for bold climate action and ruggedization doesn’t just mean that unsustainable and untenable assets are precariously overpriced. It also means that much of the expertise acquired in building these unsustainable and untenable things is no longer relevant."

The oil and gas industry

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Quora Answer : Is the Sahara desert proof that climate change is not man-made?

Jun 16, 2020


There ARE cycles in climate over long (and not so long) periods.

BUT ... when most people are talking about "climate change" they are talking about a recent phenomenon which is NOT due to these causes. And is happening on time scale that is way too short to attribute to wobbles in the Earth's orbit, etc.

Thinking that our "climate change" is due these things is like assuming that Columbus discovered America due to continental drift. Completely wrong scale.

In the case of the Sahara, there are clearly non human causes. But there is some evidence that even Sahara desertification may have been accelerated by humans : What Really Turned the Sahara Desert From a Green Oasis Into a Wasteland?

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