ViridianDesign interesting as a TechnologicalFix for environmental problems?

Quora Answer : Politics of the United States of America: Who is opposing efforts to save the environment?

Aug 31, 2014


We all have some benefits from modern industrial society that we can't bring ourselves to give up. And we all rationalize to ourselves that in our case, the harm we do doesn't matter.

That's the truth. And the human condition. And we might as well recognise it.

It is NOT, however, a reason to declare "moral equivalence" or to state that because we're all guilty we shouldn't do anything about environmental problems - because of some "he who is without sin" principle. We are all morally flawed but we still have an obligation to try to be good. And we're all destroying the environment but we should still try to do what we can to save it. And to identify and stop those with their hands on the most powerful levers of environmental destruction.