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This page was originally about predictions that a wave of cheap cars from China would swamp the west.

Didn't turn out like that. At least, then. Although there ARE cheap Chinese cars. Including electric ones. Maybe it's happening more slowly.

CCCs will be electric :

Quote from an article which has disappeared. Makes some nice points about the CambrianExplosion going on in the Chinese automotive industry. And the promiscuous sharing of knowledge and parts :

Adding to the chaos is that Chinese businesses are rarely stand-alone entities – so intertwined are many companies, including direct competitors, that it can be hard to tell where one firm begins and another ends. This produces an extremely idiosyncratic industry that baffles and surprises even the most sophisticated foreign companies. VW, for example, found its parts in a domestic rival's cars. G.M. is currently investigating a Chinese manufacturer that released a subcompact car this summer for $6,000 that looks suspiciously like a $9,000 model of their own. China's car industry is like a potluck supper where everyone's technology is sampled by everyone else. So by the time a Chinese car lands here, it may well include features from all the world's top car and parts makers. *

(Also : GlobalProcessNetworkManagement)

Meanwhile, in the west :

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