ThoughtStorms Wiki

These pages describe genre / social conventions for ThoughtStorms, that help define it's structuration.

Structuration? What sort of a word is that when it's up and dressed? – SJ

I suppose "the process that gives structure to things."

Would you prefer enstructurement? :-) – PhilJones

You know, one thing I noticed about this bloody page is I tend to make more links to it by pages which talk about it than I actually use it as a Category type page. That means, when I do the reverse look-up by searching for it's title, I actually get pages which talk about it rather than pages which are it.

This reminds me of the problems that AbstractClasses or interfaces are intended to solve in software. I should move all this discussion of the category into a separate AboutThoughtStormsMachinery page which I link to. And only use CategoryThoughtStormsMachinery to mark members of the category.

My bad for lazily trying to avoid creating the two.