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Some random thoughts on CardiganBay's features.


Cardigan Bay can embed various kinds of media from elsewhere.

Including today, YouTube and Vimeo videos. Music from SoundCloud and BandCamp (I'm a musician who releases on these platforms, so this is very important to me). And Twitter tweets.

I largely use OEmbed for this. Which is great. Though it's not as widely supported as we'd like. Especially sites are starting to demand that you have an API key before you can use it. Which undermines much of the value.

I'm starting to be concerned about Twitter. I realize that I'm putting an increasing amount of information into ThoughtStorms in the form of embedded tweets. And this might bite me in future, if Twitter either disappears, or turns off its embed API, or deletes those tweets.

I ought to have learned my lesson by now ... I am struggling with many broken links from 15 years ago, where what I wrote here depends on what was blogged somewhere else etc. And often we've lost a lot of context. Embedded tweets are likely to be more ephemeral. But so much good conversation (or at least, that which I know about) is racing past on Twitter these days. What should I do about this?


See CardiganBayWorkspacePublishing for more on embedding small snippets of executable code for "publication".

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