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Databases where people report bugs and start tracking how their fixed.

(ReadWith) OrganizationExceptionHandling where JohnSeelyBrown talks about SocialSoftware for ExceptionHandling for GlobalProcessManagement.

A bit more structured than general ThreadedDiscussion as they normally include who is assigned to look at a bug, how serious it is, what's the status? (Has it been looked at, has it been fixed, has it been retested?)

In a sense, it's a type of MicroContent / genre of OnlineWriting

JoelSpolsky : Bug tracking software captures the cosmic rays that cause the genetic mutations that make your software evolve into something superior ... And as you constantly evaluate, reprioritize, triage, punt, and assign these flaws, the software evolves. It gets better and better. It learns to deal with more and more weird situations, more and more misunderstanding users, and more and more scenarios.

I wonder if anyone's tried to merge bug tracking with GettingThingsDone ie. using the GTD schema of organizing tasks on a work-flowing collaborative project software. In fact, I suppose, GTD ought to just be a pluggable module for a generic bug-tracker / work-flow app.

In sense they've merged more with KanBan type parallel lists.

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