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Was Tory PM, but currently resigning.

Excellent political obituary :

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Quora Answer : How ruthless is Boris Johnson?

Aug 28, 2019

More so than I expected a few weeks ago.

Given the current evidence, I strongly suspect that Boris is now effectively a puppet of the network that was behind the Leave campaign and which is pushing for a more general right-wing coup to overturn the norms of British governance.

I'd say that the strategic decisions are being made by DominicCummings. There are strong hints of enthusiastic support coming from the US (both US right-wing thinktanks and the Trump administration). All the right-wing pro-Brexit media are on board from Murdoch empire (Sun / Times) to the Mail and Telegraph.

Boris is just their creature.

Quora Answer : Do you agree with the (small c) conservative commentator Jonathan Freedland that Boris Johnson's far right gamble has wrecked the Tory party?

Sep 4, 2019

Freedland has a bit of a tendency to jump the gun. To see what he thinks of as a slippery slope and to declare we've already reached the bottom.

What Johnson is doing is certainly shaking up the Tory party and may be transforming it into a far right nationalist one, the way Trump has changed the Republican party in the US.

But it's still a bit of a way from that. And it's also not obvious that this will hurt the Tory party long term. (Also : Phil Jones (He / Him)'s answer to Has Boris Johnson broken the Conservative Party?)

I'm sure Freedland has also declared that Corbyn has wrecked the Labour Party in the past too. So take the hyperbole with a pinch of salt.

Quora Answer : What do you think of Boris Johnson not answering questions about whether or not he had an affair with the US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri?

Oct 7, 2019

I agree with Johan Olofsson that I don't really care very much if Boris Johnson had an affair or not. That's between him and his other partner(s).

Other things Johnson has done are much worse and much more serious to worry about.

The only big issue with Arcuri is whether he did any special favours for her and gave her a stack of UK government money that should have gone to a more deserving company. That would clearly be wrong and evidence of his unsuitability for the role of PM.

Having said all that, if they won't deny it outright, that might indicate that they are concerned that someone has some fairly concrete evidence that something did happen.

I'm not a Boris supporter, I'm happy to see this bring him down. But if he was doing the right thing in general, then I wouldn't care tuppence about his affairs.


Quora Answer : Could someone explain to me exactly how Boris Johnson being prime minister of the UK is akin to Trump being president of America? As far as I can see the similarities run as far as both having blond hair.

Sep 14

Both have rabid fans who celebrate their indiscretion, dishonesty, rule-breaking and divisiveness as being symptoms of a maverick "get it done" spirit, which is using confrontation for good ends.

Rather than seeing the indiscretion, dishonestly, rule-breaking and divisiveness, as symptoms of the dangerous egoism, irresponsibility and moral bankruptcy that they really are.

The rabid fans celebrate these things because they've been suckered into thinking that these bad behaviours are being done "for them" and for their political advantage. They are wrong. They've been played.