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Speculation about the persona of the BlockChain age.

Hyper-individual who is networked through pure money / market forces

Pearson thinks the resulting "man" will be more like the individualist scientist. (The Dionysian in TheGodsOfManagement sense)

The FatProtocolsThinApplications structure of blockchains means that value will accrete further down the societal “stack.” The scientist’s tinkering around the frontier seemed like a waste to the Organization Man. In a world dominated by blockchains, the value of this tinkering will be more easily captured, and its value more legible.

Also believes in "city states" (GeekCities)

As larger nation-states attempt to regulate cryptocurrencies to maintain the political power that controlling currencies gave them in the Organization era, The Blockchain Man will move to city-state like areas. Estonia, Switzerland, and Singapore are the first examples of nation-states competing with each other to bring in high-earning citizens.

(Compare BalajiSrinivasan's TheNetworkState)

In the organization era, larger nation states were able to offer advantages by lowering transaction costs through interstate commerce and multilateral trade liberalization. In the blockchain era, the blockchains themselves will cross physical borders better than diplomats ever could, obviating a primary role played by nation states.

Another quote :

The Hollywood Model is the New Career Ladder

This gets close to NetoCracy, which was also kind of based on media careers. AlexanderBard was a music producer. (But remember that the distinguishing hallmark of netocracy is "Imploitation", the ability to "invest" links to get more links. Does Blockchain man with its emphasis on money notice this?)

I remember GilesBowkett making fun of PaulGraham who said something similar. Pointing out that Hollywood hiring was one of the most dysfunctional career models in the world. Wish I could find the link.

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