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Sure the world changes, you must move with it.

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Compare : OnRhetoric for persuading people to change.


But the real problem with accepting change is that there's no reason why the changes demanded remain compatible with our lives.

In my twenties and early thirties I can be flexible. I can live cheaply while I spend a couple of months unemployed or retraining. In my thirties with a wife and responsibilities, in my forties with growing and demanding kids, I need more stability to help me cope with my responsibilities.

The demands of capitalism don't acknowledge that. Capitalism pushes risk as far back as it can, to the individual worker if it can get away with it. So we, workers, end up shouldering the risks generated by a dynamic, global market, while trying to hold together a stable, risk-free environment to protect our families and raise our kids to be sane members of society. Families are not compatible with the demands of modern capitalism. (Which may be why capital does so much to help break them up.)

:hmm, have you read TheCorporation, or seen the DVD? Corporations can have psychopathic tendencies, if they had their way they would employ your kids :( But then, when they were allowed to do that was our life expectancy of the parent much past the forties? Eee, when I wur a lad :) Not all change is the same, of course – kk

: haven't seen it yet, but have a CorporationsArePsychopaths page – PhilJones

Contrast StasismVsDynamism

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