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Main site : https://zettelkasten.de/posts/overview/

Zettelkasten seems to be an information organizing method (or MindTrafficGeometry which is like wiki in the sense of being a dense hypertext of SmallPiecesLooselyJoined but unlike wiki in that these items are indexed by an abstract id number, partly based on a date, as opposed to ConcretePageNames.

So in that sense it's more like a blog. And depends on search rather than guessing the names of topics.

Forum : https://forum.zettelkasten.de/

Perhaps the important point is the smaller block size. (Similar to my discussion on InformationCards and PurpleNumbers)

Another tutorial : https://binnyva.com/zettelkasten/

The Zettelkasten process has three types of notes...

  • Fleeting Notes (temporary, grab the main points)
  • Literature Notes (rewrite them in your own words to help remember and understand)
  • Permanent Notes (extract, by rewriting, from your literature notes, each idea as a separate item, written as if for a third party, to understand independent of seeing original context, but with reference/link back to it. You are turning notes into self-contained units.)

I wonder if this should be joined with my thoughts on ShearingLayers ... this pipeline to distil knowledge into reusable chunks.

Or perhaps is an important process for RefactoringWiki to clean up CardiganBay?

Discussion on categories :

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