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Quora Answer : Welcome Atheists: Suppose God exists and he created the universe, what do you think about what kind of hypothetical evidences should be there that could prove God's hypothetical existence ?

May 26, 2014

OK. Serious answer. I am not taking the piss here. Believe this.

God, at least the Christian God which I suppose we're talking about here, is allegedly a person, and wants a personal relationship with me.

So it's 2014, what does anyone else who wants a personal relationship with me do? They have a Facebook account and invite me to friend them. They may have a Twitter account and follow me. And I follow them back.

That's the kind of thing that personal relationships do. Or they may grab a coffee together. Or check out a movie.

What personal relationships don't look like is passing a message through, and hiding behind, an intermediary. Telling a third person that they really like me and want me to really like them but never directly, always with someone else between them and me.

So I'd accept that. A friend request from a Facebook account, a Twitter account etc. that was clearly not being updated by any human (I'd pretty much accept Mark Zuckerberg or the Twitter guys' word for this.). God as an actual person, entering into the personal relationship that He allegedly wants, through unambiguous channels, That would be fine. Obviously I'd ask a lot of questions and maybe some of them would be stupid, but I figure He'd be able to give answers that were customized to a person of 2014 with a layman's understanding of cosmology and Earth history. (It would be more straightforward than trying to decode hints in writings and parables intended for desert nomads 3000 to 2000 years ago.)

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