GeekGod (ThoughtStorms)

Every group wants a God in their own image. Most people don't take much effort to understand the world, and they make a God who responds to that by playing ineffable.

But geeks do want to know and understand the world, in all its intricacies. It's not surprising that a God of blessed miracles and "don't mess with it" turns us off.

But what of a God made in our own image? A God who goes round saying "d00dz, I rule. Evolution? I thought that one up. DNA? Cool huh? So simple but so flexible. Space? You like it? One of mine. Me, I fine tuned 30 odd parameters for the universe so that it self-organizes itself into physical matter and energy, galaxies, stars, planets, sub-atomic particles, chemicals, cells, multi-cells, plants, animals. Sex? Who hardwired you to be able to enjoy it? You think I don't know? I had to sketch out every permutation that can give you pleasure

That kind of God we might get behind.

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