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Backer / leader of WagnerGroup of Russian mercenaries. Increasingly critical of Russian army leadership in RussianInvasionOfUkraine2022.

August 2023 : VladimirPutin just killed him :

In mid-June 2023, it almost looked like his forces were falling into fighting the Russian army, both in Ukraine AND in bordering parts of Russia. Some speculated he would mount a coup against VladimirPutin.

As of writing (24/06/2023) some sort of cease-fire / deal has been brokered. Given the kind of HyperNormalization theatre that Putin likes to engage with this could be anything from real, to a reshuffling of power (with Prigozhin being given more direct influence over the Russian military strategy), to complete fiction.

Now back in Russia?

Meanwhile, Putin took control of his TrollFarms :

PaulMason thinks it's theatre :

Since there are multiple factions within the security elite of Russia, the outcome of that coup is hard to predict. But the likely outcome would be a stronger regime, with Putin now under the control of populist, ethno-nationalist hardliners, and with a valid excuse to cut its losses in Ukraine.
So just as in professional wrestling, we are seeing multiple levels of real, fake and choreography — “kayfabe” in the parlance.


Ironically ...


Re: PredictionMarketsAndUkraineWar2022

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a question to Metaculus about whether Yevgeny Prigozhin would be president of Russia by 2030. It was pushed back for more detail and I was too lazy to fix it. 🤦

Is it still worth trying to fix and submit?

Yevgeny Prigozhin sued journalist Eliot Higgins with the help of the UK government :

The chilling effect :