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The cheapest you can buy everyday things around the globe (average brand from a normal outlet)

I always have an eye open for assymetry and have noticed that some things around the world are ten times cheaper in Africa or Latin America, some are 5 times cheaper and some are more expensive - the BigMacIndex does something similarish.

ThoughtStorms seems like a place to start off comparisons and then to draw conclusions. Are differences due to the costs of location advantage, transport, labour, environmental standards, tax, subsidy etc. I hope this table will explain & expand. Rup3rt

  • Notes at the bottom.


||1 litre UHT milk||Brazil||0.33||Belgium||0.99||300%||17.12.04||

||Pop. Newspaper||Brazil||0.34||UK||1.45||426%||17.12.04||

||20 Marlboro||Brazil||0.61||UK||5.25||861%||17.12.04||

||4 Duracell AA||Brazil||1.93||UK||2.92||151%||17.12.04||


  • everyday things should exclude services, raw materials and high fluctuators(ie haircut, mango, chicken, Petrol/ Gasoline)
  • normal outlet includes markets & street traders but not wholesale

Very interesting project Rup3rt. If I find any examples, I'll try to add to it :-) – PhilJones

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