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Wiki nature is discussed here :

Recent interesting discussion with Stephan Schmidt one of the authors of SnipSnap wiki after calling him "clueless" for rejecting the WikiWord convention. That was harsh, and Stephan rightly complained that I hadn't experienced SnipSnap. I can't comment on the software though I have no reason to doubt it's as good as Stephan says.

Stephan :

Well for us, Wiki is about three things:

  • text markup
  • easy linking
  • automatic marking and creation of non existing links

Personally, I believe wiki is something deeper. It's about quickness, maximizing the ease of expressing or doing something, maximizing the ease and speed of ReFactoring. It's the tool that supports RadicalLaziness

Yes. It's about quickness but quickness is achived by easy text markup, easy linking and marking and creating links.

Well I don't see the connection to TheOpenSociety.

– stephan

Is Wiki an example of TheOpenSociety?

Or is it closer to the anarchy of PaulFeyerabend than Popper's rational ideal?

Since the wikipedia has managed without WikiWords I don't think we can mark it as an essential part of WikiNature.

WikiWords also have the disadvantage of being much harder for people who aren't reading in their native language. Word boundaries become very hard to spot.

It's even worse in languages like Swedish where many multiple-word WikiWords would be one word with a possibly different meaning.

As for ideogram based languages....