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GlobalGuerrillas's creation and use of "virtual sanctuaries" :

Interesting :

  • Symbolic sites. The manipulation of the Imam Ali mosque in Iraq has enabled GGs to leverage the Iraqi state's lack of legitimacy and the US military's inability to press to conclusion to create a sanctuary.*

In other words, places that are "protected" not through spatial characteristics but connections to a symbolic order (system)

Update : shame Robb seems to have dropped the symbolic sites bit from the latest version.

From the comments of the Global Guerriallas story :

TAZ draw analogies with the multinational buccaneer pirate havens in the 17th and 18th century and the Medieval Assasins networks (based in the mountains between what is now Israel, Syria and Iraq) and the concepts of data havens, annonymity etc. available via the Internet. (Watching Them, Watching Us :

Good point about the assasins' networks. Wouldn't it be interesting if there was actually a historical connection. Although I suspect it's more a case of convergent evolution.

Lind warns against assuming only states can be sanctuaries :

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