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A very good critique, by JacobSiegell of the concept of Disinformation / FakeNews / FactChecking etc. and how it's playing into the hands of a TechnoCrat elite who are trying to censor and delegitimize any challenges to their power.

Worth reading.

I don't 100% agree with his thesis. And there are many versions of this story I find hysterical and simply cover for what is actually a bad faith RightWing attack on centre-left interventionist government in general.

But I think this article is careful enough to avoid such pitfalls. And makes a sober argument as to how problematic the counter-disinformation industry has become. (MilitaryIndustrialComplex)

So, even though I have serious issues with the way the FreedomOfSpeech debate is being argued (especially on the pro-freedom side), and want to persuade you to take the question of how to manage the MemeticEcosystem responsibly more seriously, I highly recommend this article in particular as a good overview of the issues. I am somewhat persuaded by it.

Interesting that some of the data comes from Twitter via ElonMuskBuysTwitter

Hamilton68 was an early version of this emerging organization.

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