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  • 2020 : I think we can say Facebook "won" it ... until something else does.
  • 2012 : Apple's WWDC Announcement : Maps, Facebook Siri at the heart of iOS 6

Dec 2008 : Google and FaceBook (and other YASNS) trying to get this :

BillGates 2006 : Everything we do now, we have to be user-centric, not device-centric,

FederatedSocialNetworking is trying to build a free, decentralized alternative.

Depths of history

This is the endgame for Microsoft's .NET & Hailstorm (or whatever name).

Currently Microsoft calls it ".NET Passport" (.NET .NET.) is the framework for programmers.

Digital IDs too. In fact all SocialSoftware may be another way of saying the user is the platform.

JeremyZawodny thinks Google (OnGoogle) needs Orkut to collect user data. In other words Orkut is their Hailstorm strategy. :


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