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Context: NaomiKleinOnTheEndOfConsensus

NaomiKlein's name for the world ThroughTheLookingGlass (or FallenDownTheRabbitHole) where many of the issues of the left appear in a distorted form as campaigns of the FarRight

Sometimes people from the left end up there spouting right-wing talking points. Klein has an excellent book "Doppelganger" which discusses the fact that she's often confused with Naomi Wolf, another feminist Jewish writer of the same generation, who has veered into ConspiracyThinking about a whole range of issues (especially Covid). And who has been embraced by SteveBannon as a convert to a "Diagonalism" politics.

Wolf seems to have followed the CrunchyToFarRightPipeline mainly due to VaccineMandatesAsWedgeIssue. But then embraced by many of the right-wing pundits.