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Today I tweeted

This is depressing.

Talking up vaccine mandates as an "individual liberty" issue is a right-wing strategy to divide the left.

Vaccine mandates are an examplar of the collective responsibility we owe to protect each other.

Once the libertarian right convince leftists that their individual rights are more important than shared responsibilities, they'll have loosened the inhibitions against this reasoning elsewhere.

Why support state healthcare if the health-industrial complex is corrupt and untrustworthy? Why support state provided schooling? Or state-funded scientists? When you should be prioritizing your own wants and opinions?

Like Brexit in the UK, this opens the door to the destruction of any organized left capable of opposing capital.

The left will be too busy infighting and hating each other over vaccines or masks or the legitimacy of government mandating any kind of collective responsibility.

There's just going to be wasteland where there should be a left movement.

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