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We're moving into an age of aggregators. More MicroChunks (or SmallPieces) are being generated and identified. Which creates more opportunities for aggregators (or as UmairHaque calls them, recombiners)

But there is a problem with aggregators (And all CollectiveIntelligence / TheWisdomOfCrowds)

Or collective anything, really.

There is no neutral way to aggregate. All aggregation algorithms have their own biases.

Advocates say that democracy, or the market or MemeOrandum are true reflections of what society or people "really" believe or want or value. But they are reflections fo what people really believe or want or value filtered through the bias of the aggregation mechanism itself.

As we enter the age of aggregation, how will we compensate for the biases?

In certain commercial applications, there will be an ArmsRace. Every succesful aggregator (eg. Google's PageRank) will spawn parasites (which take advantage of artifacts of the algorithm) and new transcendor competitors which try to SeeRoundCorners of its blindspots.

This creates a new generation of aggregators, which become the norm for a new generation of parasites and transcendors.

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