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A religious OperatingSystem.

What is the most unique operating system?

Aug 29, 2018 https://www.quora.com//What-is-the-most-unique-operating-system/answer/Phil-Jones-He-Him

The obvious one is TempleOS, which is "Biblically themed" operating system, intended to be "the third temple" (TempleOS - Wikipedia)

It's inspired by the 80s and 90s generation of computers. But it's in the glorious traditions of, on the one hand, programmers trying to invent worlds for themselves (see everything from Xanadu to Rebol and ... er ... dare I say it? SmallTalk) and, on the other, American religious eccentrics of the kind who dedicate their lives to building their own mountains, or retelling the Bible in Lego.

Naturally, there's now a heretical fork : minexew/Shrine

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God\'s Lonely Programmer

A Constructive Look At TempleOS

Update : having written the above I went to watch a couple of videos on YouTube. The guy behind TempleOS is more mentally ill and more racist than I expected. (What is it with American religious eccentrics and racism?)

I kind of expected to find a budget Ted Nelson, an "outsider artist" really at that cusp of madness and genius. But despite his protestations I don't see there's any real substance behind his claims of genius. The tweaks he's made to C are arbitrary and he fails to demonstrate any actual usefulness for them even when trying to show them off.

I wouldn't even bother to point that out, the guy's just a harmless eccentric, right? Except what's really disturbing is the number of Nazi fanbois turning up on his thread saying how smart he is and how they wish he was teaching them computer science at their college instead of their professors.

Seriously guys, you don't wish that. This guy knows a bit about some low level programming. but there's no contribution to language design or computer science there. He's not a brilliant out-of-the-box thinker just because he's spraying the N-word around.

Like I say, I wouldn't normally worry, except in 2018, you can never be sure that some right-wing troll mob won't turn him into their next icon and within a year Trump could be appointing him as science advisor. Say what you like about David Gelernter, but he is at least a genuine contributor to the field.

I'm sorry I've brought this guy more attention in this answer. And doubly sorry I made comparisons to Ted Nelson, the Rebol guy and (implicitly) Alan Kay. It's not worthy.

Update 2 :

WTF???? I take back the nice thing I said about Gelernter too : Yale Scientist Denounces Evolution

What is it with you right-wing computer people?

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