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What's the point?

  • an attempt to protect ancestral / "primitive" religious impulses by remixing them for a modern age? (And why should we want to?)
  • political strategy of "resistance"? (I've had to argue with people that the indigenous tribes of Brazil are a terrible model of "resistance". The population is a decimated fraction of its earlier numbers. And pockets only survive by hiding themselves in pockets of rainforest thousands of miles from encroaching AgricultureMistake)
  • a dream that modern techno-culture can be remade with a "craft" ideal? Small, autonomous, independent, skilled artesans able to conjure up technological "magic" without the requirements of a Capitalist-Industrial Technoculture behind them? (OnCraft)

Another thought :

An urge to take the IntentionalStance towards nature. To see it as a sentient partner to be respected and negotiated with, because taking a DesignStance towards it leads to ecological destruction and (eventually) failure that will hurt us too?

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