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ChrisDillow points out the the managerial class / capitalist class are looting their companies, making them less capable of operating effectively. Reducing productivity.

He suggests this necessitates more workplace democracy.


In NoLogo, NaomiKlein wrote :

This camp of market watchers has been pushing for CEO remuneration to be directly linked to stock performance; in other words, "You make us rich, you get a healthy cut. But if we take a hit, then you take one too." Though this system protects stockholders from the greed of ineffective executives, it actually puts ordinary workers at even greater risk, by creating direct incentives for the quick and dirty layoffs that are always sure to rally stock prices and bring on the bonuses. For instance, at Caterpillar — the model of the incentive-driven corporation — executives get paid in stocks that have consistently been inflated by massive plant closures and worker wage rollbacks. What is emerging out of this growing trend of tying executive pay to stock performance is a corporate culture so damaged that workers must often be fired or short-changed for the boss to get paid.

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