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IntentionalCommunities for rich people. (ReadWith) CharterCities

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Prospera was one. See some discussion and criticism on that page.

Read this Twitter thread and compare GeekCities :

New bold experimental cities/communities will boom over the next 10 years

These new "startup anti-cities" will unlock so much potential

Stop and think about this:

The state of cities:

  1. Cities are becoming more unequal
  2. Cities are becoming unbearably expensive
  3. Cities have seen a surge of crime
  4. Many people feel foreign in their own city
  5. Many people post-COVID are craving new lifeexperiences
  6. Many people work remote

Bottom line:

New experimental cities are inevitable

The playbook for prosperous startup anti-cities:

  • Start with a compelling purpose
  • Green & sustainable
  • Focus on lifestage
  • Affordable
  • Inclusive
  • Web3 friendly
  • Verticalized
  • Start as a digital community and move to physical

The startup city MVP:

  • Create city manifesto
  • Design digital community
  • Acquire digital community residents
  • Acquire land
  • Establish laws
  • Build one building. Host events. Host people
  • Convert digital community to physical community
  • Build self-sustaining town

City experiments are worthwhile

It creates new options for people

Competition makes existing cities better

It allows us to push boundaries


Startup founders can make for successful startup city founders

  • Instead of attracting new customers. Attract new residents
  • Instead of FB as your competition. Compete against SF
  • Instead of designing an app. Design a community
  • Instead of securing your code. Secure your city

Why start your anti-city as a digital community?

  1. Validate. Build community/market fit before city launch
  2. Funding. Pre-sell residences, office space etc

TLDR; reduce risk by gauging demand before becoming a full-fledged pioneer Most cities have failed us

Rearrange cities. They are stuck in the past

They can’t keep up with how fast society is changing

Don’t get me wrong. I love many of our cities

I’ve lived in:

  • SF
  • NYC
  • LA
  • Sainte Agathe Des Monts, QC
  • Montreal
  • Miami

I love them all. I just think the more experimentation the better

It's like learning languages. The more you know the better

Unhappy with you city?

  • Help your city progress
  • Start a new one (vote with your feet)
  • Do both

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