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Search engines for source code, by ProgrammingLanguage, SoftwareLicense, API etc :

There used to be several startups trying to do online search for code.

But now MicroSoft have bought GitHub which hosts an awful lot of the code which is online. I guess they're the ones with the biggest code search engine and likely to do any of the exciting things that are discussed on this page.

Old stories

Initial Thoughts on Koders (a now defunct code-search engine)

That's brilliant! Think about it : your chance to find the bit of code or library you need, with the license you need, right now!

Thoughts :

  • support for this needs to be included in AGoodIDE (is there an Emacs or Eclipse plugin?): aparently there is Eclipse integration
  • might this be a step towards SmallTools (after all, if your IDE can automatically find and include code snippets, why shouldn't a runtime-environment for interpretted languages)
  • is source-code getting marked up? Will this drive more MetaData (SemanticWeb / LiterateProgramming) for code? A step towards IntentionalProgramming? (Yes, see code-snippets story above)

Mind explaining how one goes about using this? SebPaquet

: As far as I can see, at the moment it just seems to be like Google. You put in a search term and it finds source-code files that contain that term (constrained by language and license). Anything else you read on this page is just me speculating AFAIK – PhilJones

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