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From charged packets

New threat : network providers want to charge by the packet :

although compare RobertCringely :

And this :

More Cringely scepticism :

TimBernersLee :

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An interesting analysis by DocSearls :

Analyses the willingness of conservative government to hand over control of the internet to big business.


  • The quote on property is interesting, but different from say, HernandoDeSoto who says property works as an informal, non-legally backed system, and that legal protection just extends it's conceptual usefulness.
  • The rallying cry, that the net is public domain and a natural habitat for markets echoes JeremyRifkin in TheAgeOfAccess where he points out that capitalism is dependent on a trust-producing, ThirdSector (or civil society).

More from DocSearls, Which Web Do We Want? : (See (See also WiFi)

According to AndrewOrlowsky LawrenceLessig says the internet is dying :

Year and a half later it looks OK to me.

AOL's "anti-internet" ads :

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