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I wrote a lot of QuoraAnswers that were basically sarcasm / irony / deliberate misreadings to push back on contentious questions. I didn't want to throw them away but they are too slight to clutter up the rest of the wiki. So lets put them here.


Quora Answer : How can the centrist cultural Marxism be stopped?

Sep 10, 2019

Presumably by getting people to read around the subject a bit more so they become proper left-wing cultural Marxists, not just the wishy-washy, centrist sort.

See : CulturalMarxism

Quora Answer : Isn't hip hop taking music back 50,000 years given how it is just talking and grunting and has nothing to do with vocal cords and range?

Feb 14, 2020

What you have to remember is that men are meant to just talk and grunt. Scientists have shown that that's what their vocal cords are for.

"Singing" is a plot by post-modernist homosexuals to persuade men to talk in a high feminine voice. In order to confuse kids about the basic biological facts of being either male or female.

So hip-hop is finally freeing us from 50,000 years of Marxist-feminist science-denial that was masquerading as "art". At last, we are getting back to REAL MUSIC. Rejoice.

See : HipHop

Quora Answer : Why are communists/Marxists so robotic in behavior (like always behaving in a very self-controlled manner)?

Aug 17, 2020

You'd prefer if they ran around in an uncontrolled frenzy like the conservatives / fascists?

Quora Answer : After electing Trump, is the USA a laughing stock?

Dec 4, 2016

We'd be laughing at you if we weren't crying for you.

Quora Answer : What are your thoughts on former Trump adviser Roger Stone's claim that North Korean boats delivered ballots through Maine harbor to interfere in the U.S. presidential election?

Dec 8

Good for North Korea.

America has fucked up enough of other people's elections over the last century. It's great to see the little guys get one back.

Americans : we have the best democracy in the world. N. Korea is crap

Also Americans : N Korea conquered us with boats and pieces of paper and no weapons.

OK. But more seriously. If I were a Trump supporter I'd be pissed that his people were insulting my intelligence by expecting me to believe this tosh.

Quora Answer : What is the problem in calling "social justice" "cultural Marxism"?

Nov 2

Same as the problem in calling Justin Bieber "heavy metal". It's just the wrong genre.

"But, Phil!", you cry, "they both use electric guitars and distortion and have cool logos! That proves Justin Bieber is heavy metal. Pwned!!!"

Does it, though? Does it, really?

Quora Answer : Is Marxism any science?

Mar 16, 2017

No. Of course not.

It's a kind of economics.

Quora Answer : Why is the overrated "Imagine" song so popular? The lyrics are childish-dilettante Marxist, leftist utopia. The music is very basic and the chord combinations are amateurish. Why is this a success?

Oct 22, 2018

Because real human beings (as opposed to internet trolls) have actual souls.

Quora Answer : Are people more likely to be libertarian if they have at least an intermediate level understanding of economics?

Jul 3, 2017

Absolutely people are more likely to be libertarian if they have an intermediate level of understanding of economics.

As the old saying goes, "a little learning is a dangerous thing".

Quora Answer : Why do I feel like 2020s music will be amazing as compared to the usually bad music of the 2010s?

Mar 1, 2020

Don't ask Quora why things "seem" to you.

Take responsibility for your own "seemings"

Quora Answer : Can Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez truly be the future of the Democratic Party given that she has no clue about the practical aspects of political ideologies? (Check link for a recent CNN interview)

Sep 16, 2018

Donald Trump seems to be the future of the Republican party. Despite not having a clue about anything.

Clearly knowledge and wisdom, while important for a leader, are not the whole story.

Quora Answer : How good of a programmer am I if I reimplemented Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Power Point over a weekend?

Jul 17, 2015

Well, you'd be an extremely productive programmer, but you'd lack taste.

It puts you in the energetic but dumb category ;-)

Quora Answer : Will Brazil economy get better after Lula's possible arrest?

Jan 3, 2017

Why do you care?

The moment you start putting people in jail because it will help the economy is the moment you have destroyed the rule of law and become a tyranny.

Quora Answer : Would there be an immense party in Brazil if Lula da Silva is arrested? Would you celebrate?

Aug 18, 2017

Well plenty of Brazilians were celebrating when his wife died.

I don't suppose they'd show better taste in this situation.

Quora Answer : Before we accept global warming, should we ask about the many incentives for scientists to say they believe in global warming?

Apr 25, 2018

By all means consider them.

Please do ...

... OK. Done it?

Now remember that the oil industry alone is worth $1.7 trillion dollars. (More than all metals in the world : The Oil Market is Bigger Than All Metal Markets Combined )

How do the incentives for scientists to fake the data for global warming stack up against that? Like to draw me a histogram comparing the money in "pretending there's global warming" vs. the money in "keeping the oil business going by pretending there's no global warming"?

Quora Answer : Could future AI (2030-40) help us achieve advanced technologies well before their time? How could it help us (scientists, etc.) do this?

Dec 23, 2017


If future AI helps us advance technologies in 2030 - 2040, that just is "their time".

Quora Answer : Why do leftists always champion "free" stuff when, in truth, nothing is free?

Sep 7

I dunno.

Why do right-wingers often claim that they stand for "freedom" when nothing is free?

Trying to make political arguments through word-play is pointless.

Quora Answer : What would be the effect on society if we made all women infertile until the age of 25 and then gave them the choice of becoming fertile again?

Apr 3, 2018

We did. It's called "the pill".

The main effect on society would be that a bunch of conservative men would be furious about it and do everything they could to stop women having the freedom to choose to be infertile.

Quora Answer : What if UFOs are artificial intelligence from an extinct world just going around in circles because they can't find their home?

Feb 6, 2018

Then it's not clear that they're very good artificial intelligence then.

Being able to navigate by the stars is pretty much a basic necessity for an interstellar AI.

Quora Answer : Has David Cameron shown any remorse or understanding about what his EU referendum has done to the United Kingdom?

Aug 31, 2019

To be fair to David Cameron for a moment ... (er ... hang on, did I just write those words?) ... but yeah, as I was saying ... to be fair to David Cameron for a moment.

If he pops his head up to make any public pronouncement, about Brexit, the EU or anything else, the chorus of people screaming "twat" at him, and telling him to fuck off and shut up, will be audible from the moon.

Quora Answer : Is Chris Grayling's warning of a rise in UK far-right extremism in the event of no Brexit actually a cynical attempt to intimidate politicians and voters?

Jan 14, 2019

This is the same Chris Grayling whose prison and probation service privatisations are causing people to be killed by ex-convicts; who awarded a multimillion pound ferry deal to a company without ferries, and that cribbed its legal contracts from a pizza site; who was responsible when a rail company's attempt to update a time-table caused weeks of cancellations and who, as Transport Secretary, stunned the Road Haulage Association with his lack of knowledge and understanding of ... er ... transport.

God help anyone who follows his advice on dealing with the far right. You'll be in the gas chambers before you know what's hit you.

Quora Answer : Why is the Labour Party stuck in the past?

Jan 28, 2020

Labour is "stuck in the past" compared to whom?

Right-wingers who want to roll back multiculturalism to an age of ethnic purity? Roll back feminism so that women are back working in the kitchen? And don't want teh gays to be married any more?

Brexiteers who dream of a new British Empire 2.0, built on rebuilding the Commonwealth or at least the anglo-spherical Anzac part of it?

People who miss Margaret Thatcher?

Boris Johnson who likes to quote Kipling?

Jacob Reese-Mogg?

Quora Answer : How can you be an atheist or a theist, and be confident in your belief if you have not read a lot of philosophy?

Aug 8, 2012

The only way to be confident in any belief is to have not read a lot of philosophy.

Quora Answer : Do businesses and universities seeking diversity ever consider ideological and political diversity over Racial, sexual, and gender diversty?

Jun 25, 2018


Imagine how the average Western armed forces or secret services would react if someone tried to oblige them to hire a quota of anarcho-communists.

Quora Answer : What is the origin of the lyric "Don't stop, get it, get it"?

Apr 6, 2020

Jair Bolsonaro on Coronavirus?

Quora Answer : What is a good way to get teenagers and young adults in the U.S. to listen to rock and rap music again instead of this new fad of listening to music from the 1930's?

Mar 18, 2018

Show them how their favourite 1930 songs are actually more inspired by rock and rap classics than they imagine.

For example, Cab Calloway's "Hi de Ho Man"

uses samples from Jaden Smith's "Icon" :

And Luis Armstrong's "Weary Blues"

is an extended improvisation on a motif from House of Pain's "Back from the Dead" :

Quora Answer : Was getting a deal never really part of Boris Johnson's Brexit plan?

Dec 14

Not quite.

At this point, I think the most plausible hypothesis is that Boris just was stupid enough to believe his own hype. (And surrounded himself with toadies who did too, for their own advancement)

He WANTED "cake and eat it". So he figured if he just kept on demanding it, sooner or later, the EU would give it to him.

The possibility that cake and eating it wasn't available was swamped in his imagination by an assumption that the reason other people weren't getting it was that they were too willing to back-down. Whereas his magnificent resolve would win the day.

Now we've got to the point where his magnificent resolve has achieved the bugger-all that most of us expected it would ... he's moving into Trumpian delusion territory. If he just doubles-down, closes his eyes, holds out a bit longer and believes really hard, reality will still bend to his will.

Reality has long since taken a look at Boris Johnson's will and said "fuck that for a game of soldiers" and gone off to play with with truck traffic jams.

But Zeno-like, Boris still keeps eeking out ever more, ever shorter deadline extensions. Trying to pack an infinite series into a finite amount of time. Keeping the hope alive that maybe the cake isn't a lie.

Quora Answer : As a cop, I know why we were less lenient with Black Lives Matter protestors than we are with pro-Trump protestors. It's not about race; it's politics. Many of us (although not me) are simply anti-liberal. Can we attempt to understand this viewpoint?

Jan 17


I think I can understand that.

Please, can YOU understand, that the law needs to treat all people equally, regardless of what you, as a cop, think of their politics. And if you can't manage to live up to that ideal, would you please resign?


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