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My friend OliSharpe thinks that software companies are about turning software into brand, as quickly as possible.

I think he's right.

There's a right way and a wrong way to think about software companies. Software companies have two things : source code and process.

The wrong way to think about a software company is to assume that the source-code is the capital. And the process is the cost. Ie. that source-code is the valuable thing you buy, invest in, hoard. And process is something to be economised on.

This is diametrically wrong.

The right way to think is that source-code is cost, and process is capital. Source-code is so commoditized that people are willing to give away excellent quality FreeSoftware. Meanwhile, good processes, both within people (ie. they're smart and good at learning and problem solving) and between people (we optimise their communication) is what allows the company to consistently and rapidly produce good quality software in response to new customers and their requirements.

Hmm. Is this just ProductsVsServices again?

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