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This is from before the 2010 election where DavidCameron became PM.

TheGuardian had a story about the Tory media campaign and use of YouTube etc. (Which was obviously successful in presenting Cameron as an ordinary guy in his family setting)

The telling moment comes at the beginning, when Cameron warns that he's in competition with the BBC and ITV. Of course he is : the most profound and fundamental shift in democratic politics over the last 100 years is the shift of power from political parties to the media in determining who will get into government and what they will do when they get there.

Political parties must learn to route around mainstream media if they want to regain control of elected governments.

DaveWiner always says "Sources Go Direct". Which he considers a virtue.

DonaldTrump used his Twitter account to control the media (he routed around the media when it suited him, or the media ended up chasing whatever he said.)

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