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Q : Isn't it against WikiNature to have a PersonalWiki, or a Wiki focussed on one person?

A (Updated): Not any more. Under the federated model of SmallestFederatedWiki we all have our own wikis. Just like blogs. Now ThoughtStorms is LeavingTheSFW there's some thinking to do about how to participate and work with others. We'll work that out as we go along.

Q : What's the voice of a personal wiki? Should the owner use the word "I" when writing here?

The default, unsigned "I" on this wiki is usually me (PhilJones). If you write something, please sign it so people can see who you are. :-)

Actually, I think Wiki needs personal opinion, much like weblogs, to make it compelling. You can always have the large, more objective wikipaedias etc. But not everyone should aspire to this anymore than all weblogs should aspire to be Yahoo.

BillSeitz assumes that everyone smart should have a personal wiki. He's even written a book about it.

Probably that's wrong. People who aren't smart should have personal wikis to make them smart. Wheras people who are smart (ie. lateral, creative etc.) probably shouldn't, for danger of becoming WikiSick ;-)

Fair point. I was trying to say that people who are not "smart" (noisy word intended) will not be willing to think enough to use wiki (or even anything prettier like TheBrain). –BillSeitz

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