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Context : InternetCrimes, EMail

Unsolicited commercial messages. Originally occurring in emails.

Then later on in comments, on wikis (SpammingThoughtStorms & WikiMinion)

Partly due to PageRank, LinksAreDevalued

The end of innocence?

We hate spam. Because spam is far worse than a nuisance. Now wiki can no longer be open (due to SpammingThoughtStorms) and comment-spam, trackback-spam, SBlogs are flooding all the open channels that wove together the BlogoSphere, it looks like the dream of openness is ending. We are returning to ClayShirky's argument (in CreatingCommunities) that openness will be abused (SocialSoftware is anything worth spamming) and must be controlled.

We are all BecomingConservative


Using screen savers and many-eyeballs (at least while sleeping :), a la SETI...

Fighting with bio-informatic algorithms : http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/08/22/1256243