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Remember kids, pseudonyms are cool. We should all have (at least) one. –


(Sidenote: Alternative identities may actually be quite useful in terms of discussion with oneself. I heard a tale recently of a programmer who, when needing to debug something, would explain his code to a nearby pot plant. Just having to convert the concepts in one's head into a clarified, instructional/explanational text stream often helps, and I think the same is true of discussing points and counterpoints in a debate. I like talking to myself as I can get both/all sides of an argument without any of the interpersonal polemics that seem to dominate many discussions. Perhaps creating a set of personae as a utility exercise may help further one's own ideas, and ability to reason and debate. Of course, one needs to avoid pre-judged strawmen too, to be fully rational...

Or, in other words, "Where's my own private SNS?" :)

I think this relates to De Bono's ThinkingHats. – SebPaquet

Exactly what I was thinking, but couldn't see it on ThoughtStorms anywhere. Must have come up somewhere else... :) – GrahamLally

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