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A kind of SocialSoftware or SocialMedia activity where a platform accredits its users for achievements.

The platform obviously stands behind the accreditation.

There are also stand-alone BadgingServers which act as third parties that offer badges in the form of an embeddable or transcludable (Transclusion images.

Why might this be interesting?

Well, a great many institutions (eg. schools and colleges, professional societies) are in the game of giving credentials. Any site which can reliably do that could be in competition with those established institutions. (See EducationExploded)

While it seems, initially, that controlling just the mechanism of awarding is not nearly as important having the legitimacy (eg. expertise) to award something, on the internet there is a tendency for TheToolsWagTheDog ie. in this case, the tool for administrating the accreditation might acquire the legitimacy (real and / or perceived) faster than someone with the legitimacy might acquire the technical capacity.

Someone asks : what are the coolest badges in 2021?



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