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Here's an interesting point :

The non-anglophone BlogoSphere is increasing.

At the same time, the internet gives us a new interest in the effects of masses and mobs eg. TheWisdomOfCrowds, TheLongTail, FolkSonomies as CheapMetaData, GenerateAndTestInParallel ... for the right, markets are aggrogates of massively parallel dumb processors which are smarter than individual "intelligence".

Now, the AngloSphere is a pretty small minority of the population, but we're used to calling the shots, because we have a disproportionate slice of the wealth. But as power shifts from being channeled through money, to being channeled through other TypesOfPower, especially conversational power evidenced through blogging (or PageRank-like algorithms and other aggrogators), then it will shift away from the AngloSphere.

Just as globalization is shifting work from Europe and the US to China and India, wealth should start to follow. And, if following FeudalismCapitalismInformationalism principles, other power and wisdom will shift to whoever has the biggest crowd : China, India, Indonesia? A reversal of the DigitalDivide?

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