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I wasn't initially very interested by this.

But actually it IS interesting. It's the same phenomenon as ChristopherHitchensMovingToTheRightAgainstIslamoFascism

Think of it in terms of the model in ACultureOfConspiracy where UFO cults and RightWing "New World Order" conspiracies start exchanging DNA and eventually hybridize.

This is the same ... two groupings drawn together by mutual interest (in this case, initially Islamophobia) becoming increasingly intertwined.

WRT RichardDawkins of course, SocioBiology and EvolutionaryPsychology have always been seen as right-wing. And you've had your arguments between, say, StephenJayGould, RichardLewontin and EdwardOsborneWilson.

So maybe this is just a new round of the same thing? Except with the right-wing evolutionists more wedded to their ideology than ever and increasingly hybridized with other right-wing conspiracism about CulturalMarxism etc?

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