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FarRight philosophical framework.

After current HamasAttackOnIsrael2023 I'm seeing pro-Israel supporters accusing the LeftWing not merely of becoming too close to Arab Nationalism (a critique I agree with, see more on TheLeftAndArabNationalism), but falling into a de-facto RedBrownAlliance / CrunchyToFarRightPipeline and becoming influenced by the ideas of Aleksandr Dugin and de Benoist.

For example :


it’s been really frightening seeing her actively embrace and platform literal (but veiled) neofascist (neoeurasianist) aligned RWing extremists from 🇪🇺 who promulgate Duginist & de Benoist fash 'theory' that’s been weaponized to appeal to the reactionary left...

There's a lot of ThroughTheLookingGlass stuff in the ways that the right try to attract people who are initially left.

Interesting this analysis is by AntonShekhovtsov whose work on Apoliteic music is often referenced on WhoMakesTheNazis.

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