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These days I learn it all on YouTube which is phenomenal for music teaching.

I do a bit via SonicPi, eg.

Chords :

Quora Answer : What do you think the next step in music theory will be? We have monodic chant, then came polyphony, classical harmony and counterpoint, tonal and modal music, microtonal, what's next?

May 6, 2020

In the last 100 years there's been an explosion of creativity and innovation in timbre. Much music today is about exploration of sounds. Recorded, electronically synthesized etc.

We don't, in practice, make or listen to lot of microtonal music (except for a few pitch bends in folk and blues)

But we are innovating new synthesis techniques all the time.

But music theorists have very little theory, or even vocabulary, to analyze and talk about timbre. And what we have is largely technical.

But there's remarkably little music theory about the role or function of particular timbres in music. Compared to attempts to analyze the role and function of notes.

That's an area crying out for advances.


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