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YouTube is really great for music education.

Quora Answer : Do you agree or disagree that music and studio art classes cannot be taught online?

Jun 10, 2020

I think online video is a wonderful medium for music education.

Music education needs everything : sound, speech and image. And online video can provide all them together.

Want to understand how Bach organizes his organ toccata? Watch this first :

Find out about modern game composing based on mixing the above with newer musical ideas?

Get a quick overview of chord function?

Or a classic introduction

Or examples of mixing modes

Learn to play "chord of the month"

Learn how Ravel orchestrates music

Or specific hip-hop producers make their beats

Or see a contemporary film composer in action

Or learn what contemporary experimental ambient musician has in his arsenal

There are so many different ways to make music today, and so many different approaches to teaching it.

And video is fantastic for that.

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